Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High Executioner Servath Reznik

I went to the hobby shop last night. I frequent a place here in Redmond called Genesis Gizmos and Gadgets. It is one of the greatest shops I have ever seen. Anyway, I made a purchase. I parted with some hard earned shekels and walked out with the High Executioner in my hands.

The High Executioner appealed to me as a good starting point for my army for a number of reasons. First, the model itself is one of the finest looking models I've seen. Second, I want a 'jack heavy army. Why not go with Ad-Raza then, you ask? This leads me to my third and perhaps most important reason for going with Reznik as my starting warcaster. I liked his story. Simple as that.

I've always been a fluff lover. I would rather play an army and lose terribly while sticking to the fluff than play a cheese army whose only reason for being is to win at all costs. The High Executioner brings the shizzle where fluff is concerned. The dude roams the land, both inside the Protectorate and out, executing those who are guilty of heresy, sacrilege, or any of a host of other sins against Menoth. He recognizes no law save that of the Creator himself. He will go where he pleases in order to punish the guilty and where he goes, his warjacks and followers go with him. That is the army I want to play.

The fun for me in this hobby is staying true to the story. As stupid as it sounds, I love reading a well written battle report because I can visualize the fight in my head like I was there. I don't care if my army gets wiped out as long as it gets wiped out in epic fashion! Not everyone likes that and I applaud them for that. I won't ever turn down a game because my opponents army isn't fluffy enough. That would just be stupid. I will however, play my army as if that sumbitch Reznik was right there, seething in righteous fury and desiring only to destroy the heretics.

Oh yeah.......and I will totally have fun doing it!!! :-)

Game on!!!!


  1. Good choice mate - Reznik is simply awesome with the right units. Amon is very hard to play, I have him but hardly use him as I haven't figured him out yet.

    The whole Menoth story is awesome as well, why I got into them and not any other faction :)

  2. I feel like I don't even know who you are after reading this.

  3. I love Reznik.. The model, the fluff...I am right there with you. I have to tell you though, I have yet to even be competitve with him yet. I want to love him. I do, but he is killing me.

    From what I have been told, his best friend is the Castigator since it has ranged attacks. I don't have a castigator, and I don't want to invest in another heavy right now.

    My next attempt will be to put him in with 2 Redeemers. He is light on focus, so the list will need to have the Hierophant and wracks for sure. I will also need the vassel. I should be able to do some good at that point.

    Good luck buddy. I know you follow my blog, I will keep you up to date on that. My next battle should be a 750 pt against Cygnar with an emphasis on range. I am going to bring eFeora possibly with the two redeemers, or I might go and stick old Reznik in there. Stay tuned!