Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Burn the Heretic, or Not Burn the Heretic...

So, a gentleman whom I have only recently met via this blog (Getting Small), asked me what I still had in terms of Warmachine models. I regret to inform you that the situation is grim. When I said I traded away most of my Warmachine stuff I wasn't kidding.

As it turns out, I actually have a choice of casters but that is about it. If I could play a game with only a single warcaster, I would be set. I could choose from High Exemplar Kreoss, an ass kicker in his own right. I could also go with Grand Scrutator Severius, my personal favorite although I would be hard pressed to tell you why. My last but certainly not least option would be Feora: Priestess of the Flame.

In addition to any one of those 'casters, I could also field a single light warjack. A humble, yet effective Repenter. Not only does this 'jack wield a heavy flail but it carries a flamethrower as well. Allow this warjack into range and you will burn.

My final unit, or in this case units, are a pair of Temple Flame Guard Officers with Standard Bearers. I honestly can't recall why I had two of these units since I really only had one complete unit of Temple Flameguard to begin with. If you are running Flameguard, this UA is probably worth the points.
All of this brings me to this question................do I want to attempt to play Menoth again or do I look at something different? Khador, Cygnar, and Cryx all have aspects to them that appeal to me. Here's a thought!!! What about Hordes? What if I started completely new and went with Trollbloods or Everblight? See?!?!?!?!?! The possibilities are endless. I have some thinking to do. I have some research to complete. I also need to seek input from those who play the game. One thing I can tell you however, I will definitely play like I've got a pair. Wait.....I do have a pair.

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  1. If I could go back, I would definately have the Temple Flame Guard. I love them, they are tough characters and eFeora gets them as elite cadre.

    This is probably why I like eKreoss so much these days. His army gets Knights Exemplar as elite cadre and his feat hits like a locomotive.

    Think about listening to Fell Calls (its a podcast). They did a series on must have units for different factions. TFG was one of them, choir was another, and then Seneschals were in there too. Also, I could NOT LIVE without Vilmon. HE IS THAT GOOD. He can single handedly wreck a heavy. And in most cases he wont take a single point of damage doing it. He is BAD ASS.