Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beware the High Exemplar

New plan.

I am tired of waiting. I grow impatient. Here is what I am going to do about it.......

Step 1) I will have my Protectorate Battle Box tonight or tomorrow. Depends on whether I can get over to the LGS. Either way, my goal will be to have Kreoss and the 3 'jacks prepped and assembled by tomorrow night. I may even prime them. No guarantees there though.

Step 2) I will go to my LGS with my newly acquired and assembled army this Thrusday eveing. I will then plead my case to every veteran there and see who will trounce me, in an educational way. I'm sure I will have some takers.

Step 3) Write my battle report(s). I suspect these will mostly be case studies involving failed tactics and complete beatdowns. Oh well.

Step 4) Rinse, lather, repeat as often as possible while adding models to my army list. Prime and paint as I go.

That plan, ladies and gentlemen, is full proof. In fact, that plan is much like the Borg in that resistance is futile. Your biological matter will be added to the collective........nevermind.


  1. Did your "beverages" interfere with this plan??