Monday, February 2, 2009

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Many thanks to John of Stumpy Heaven fame for turning me onto Tabletop Commander. That free application is worth it's weight in gold. With gold hovering at or near $900 USD per ounce, that is a good chunk of change. Anyway, that little application has helped me come up with a plan. Behold, my first Warmachine 350 point list.

  • High Executioner Servath Reznik--I will initially be trying to get a handle on the Zealot's Rage, Perdition, Brand of Heresy combo as described on the Battle College site. I will be working it two ways; to try and get Reznik himself into combat and also to get my Revengers a free charge.
  • Devout Light Warjack--Reznik's loyal body guard. Need I say more?
  • Revenger Light Warjack x 2--I'm hoping to figure out the whole arc node thing. Since it increases my 'caster's range for spells, I'm guessing arc nodes are important to master. If I can get these two running rampant through an enemy's lines while protected by my choir, so much the better.
  • Heirophant--Between his healing abilities for the 'caster and his Harmonious Exaltation and Spiritual Conduit abilities, I'm hoping I can do some good and offset Reznik's lack of focus just a bit.
  • Choir--With a Warpriest and 5 acolytes, I'm counting on these dudes to keep my 'jacks safe and get them in close for some serious killing. I have no idea how I am going to protect these guys with no infantry though. That may pose a problem.

Total? 332 points out of 350 available. With the points left over, I could conceivably field a pair of Wracks too but I can't even begin to guess what the point of those things is other than providing focus. I know that this list in very infantry light but again, Reznik is all about the warjacks.

I only have the Reznik model so I have some purchasing to do but at least I have a plan. I might also like to try fielding this list with a couple of Dervishes in place of the Revengers. Once I graduate up from 350 points, I will begin to include more infantry.

P.S. I bought my Heirophant model on the cheap off eBay today. $8.99 plus free shipping. Yippee!!!!!


  1. Nice list !!! whose the unlucky opponent?

    Wracks are good for protecting your flanks, your opponents have to worry about dealing with a Terror causing unit they cant target and which can blow up causing a POW 15 5" AOE on a roll of 1-3 on a D6. I use them against Hordes opponents as it negates their pathfinder abilities and to scare of advance deploy units.

    You could fit a Vassal into that list for 18pts :)

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  3. Oh and thanks for the shout out as well :)

  4. The Vassal is cool since it gives a jack an extra attack for free. Also, if you have the points to give, consider picking up the Blessing of Vengeance rather than the second Revenger. It is 81 points, and it gives you some nice advantages. It too is an arc node, a repulser shield that moves the person back two inches, and, some of the same body guard benefits of the Devout.

    If you swap the Revenger for the BoV, you would be at 337, and you can still put in two Wracks, and for a low focus caster like Reznik, it gives you an extra focus per turn. REMEMBER to keep the Wracks at least 3" apart so if one blows, that it doesn't wack the other Wrack.

    I LUV the BoV.

  5. At least this makes Valentine's Day and your Birthday easy!! =)

  6. oops...BoV is 88 pts., you could take one Wrack.

    Also, with Reznik, you might not need two arc nodes. I would get the BoV, not buy the Revenger and think about a Redeemer for 81 pts (for some ranged punch in the list). Or a Repenter for the spray with fire.

    The Repenter doesn't get a lot of love, but for 76 pts, you can do much much worse...especially if you put Brand or Rage on it.

  7. Great suggestions all around. I think I will swap out the BoV for one of the Revengers.

    I am torn about replacing the other though. I already have the Repenter model, which translates into a monetary savings but at 350 points, do I really have any need for the flamethrower? Is it really that effective against other 'jacks which I might be facing a lot of? I just don't know. I will need to experiment.

    I really like the idea of the Redeemer though. That is a warjack I hadn't considered and the ranged option appeals to me, especially if I can diffuse the inherent inaccuracy of the rockets using the Choir.

    Regardless of what I end up doing from a 'jack standpoint, I am going to pack as many Wracks into the list my leftover points will allow.

  8. Rather than buy the BoV and Fire of Salvation just borrow a copy of Legends and write out your own stat cards for them (use this online card builder) and proxy in a normal Crusader and Revenger (thats what I do). Repenters aren't really worth it, if you want flame throwers grab a unit of Cleansers you get 6 for 54 points. They are quite nasty with their combined incinerate attack. That and you can run them at the enemy and then shoot them in the back to make them explode.

  9. oops forgot to add - flamethrowers are useless against Jacks but good against infantry. Redeemer is great with Kreoss, you pop his feat so everyone is knocked down and then fire rockets at them