Monday, February 16, 2009

Thursday Night and a New Grand Exemplar

I am just about ready for the big throw down on Thursday. At most, my models will be primed but they will all be assembled. I thought I might speed up the assembly process, cut some corners, blah, blah, blah, in order to maybe get some more models assembled as well. Models like the Vassal and the Heirophant. Maybe even a Devout. I decided against it. I will field the contents of the battle box and only the contents of the battle box. You all know what that is and you all love it. You even love the Repenter, even if you refuse to admit it. That said, it will be High Examplar Kreoss, a Crusader, a Repenter, and a Revenger that will be battling for the Glory of Menoth this Thursday. Heretics beware.

Now, I had an epiphany over the weekend regarding Kreoss. As it happens, I was reading in Apotheosis where Grand Examplar Baine Hurst gave his life to protect the Harbinger from Cryxian forces and how later Heirarch Voyle named Kreoss as his replacement, making him the new Grand Exemplar. The key word in all of this being Exemplar. I am just now realizing that Kreoss is now the head of the entire Exemplar order!!!

What does this mean for Itchy’s foray into Warmaching in the short term? Probably not much. In the long term? A lot most likely. I have stated before how much I love the fluff and this kind of stuff fascinates me. At some point, I want to build a Grand Exemplar Kreoss list that is heavy on the Exemplar units and give that a whirl. I imagine that it is a sight to behold when an army full of Exemplar Vengers and Errants are fielded. Throw in Gravus and a couple Seneschals and you’ve got an army right out of the book. I wouldn’t expect to win many games with a list like that. Then again, for all I know right now, that may be a monster list. Regardless, I think I would have a blast fielding that army.

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  1. Oh Itchy...I think you will find that list will do well. eKreoss's feat doesn't do the Vengers or the Errants much good. It does Gravus some good if he doesn't kill what he charges. Seneschals usually smite what they hit, which makes eKreoss' feat less than useful. On second thought, that wouldn't use the feat much at all. In this case, you would be better off with pKreoss for all auto-hits that list would get.