Monday, March 16, 2009

Powerless to help

What do you do when someone you love more than life itself is struggling?

I know a guy with a young daughter. She is 7 or so. Evidently, this young girl is going through some titanic struggles right now. Her parents went through a divorce recently so that is probably contributing. It is possible that this sweet little girl also has some form of ADD. The poor kid is frustrated and emotional and has no idea what is going on. How could she for frig's sake? She's 7.

Her dad is just as frustrated by the situation but for different reasons. He feels completely powerless to help her. I happen to know that this gentleman is on great terms with the little girl's mother and they are both upset and frustrated by the whole thing. They want to help their little girl so badly and yet there is little they can do RIGHT NOW and so they are hurting too.

This little girl's parents are both smart and very loving where their kids are concerned and I know they will find a way to help their daughter out. When you are right in the middle of it though and you don't yet have a solution, it can be disheartening.


  1. thats a tuff spot to be in....

  2. well, for this "friend", i would tell him that he is doing all he can do and that is perfectly enough for his little girl, she will realize that one day too, i have been that little girl

  3. Just tell your buddy to hang in there. I know that just by supporting his daughter and her mom he's doing all that He can right now. Being there for those kids is the most important thing in the world. Everything else will work itself out.