Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaving the Group

I apologize to both of my loyal readers for my long absence from the blogging stage. :) I have found that one actually has blogging muscles and if one doesn’t exercise those blogging muscles, they become weak. My blogging muscles are very weak right now. I am feeling the burn as I type this.

I have had some things on my mind lately and I have decided that the time has come to unburden myself. For whatever goofy reason, writing helps when it comes to analyzing and resolving certain issues that may be causing me grief. I make no apologies for my views and beliefs as presented here just as I ask no one else to apologize for their own thoughts.

I know going into this blog that what I write today will NOT win me any new friends and in fact may alienate some of those I call friends. I regret that but for my own sake; I need to say what I need to say.

I have chosen to shed the label of ‘Christian’ in my own life.


I’ll say it again; I have chosen to shed the label of ‘Christian’ in my own life.

This decision is a temporary one. I don’t plan on NOT being a Christian for the rest of my life but for the time being, this is what I feel is best for me. Some of you may ask why. Some may not care. Some may support the decision. I respect all of those positions. It is for those that truly have no idea where this is coming from that I feel I owe an explanation. I make no promises as to the efficacy of that explanation. I only promise that I will do my best to articulate the thoughts and feelings that lead me to this point.

The simple truth behind my decision is that I believe that the term ‘Christian’ has ceased to be a way of life. It has become a label. It has become a brand. A brand to be produced, packaged, marketed, shipped, and purchased. It has become a money maker. Books, CD’s, software, classes, etc. I liken it to the money changers and the merchants in the Temple courtyard.

It has become a ‘members only’ club. It allows people to pick and choose those verses in the Bible that they feel best make their point and fling them at ‘non believers’ as if they were spears. 2nd Corinthians 6: 14 comes to mind. How many times has this verse been thrown back and forth? Taken in context, I feel that the Apostle Paul was warning the Corinthians about the pitfalls of being with, marrying, doing business with, etc. those who are unrighteous. Those who do NOT keep the commandments of God. It is NOT tacit instruction to engage in religious discrimination. So many times however, that is how it is presented. Don’t be with Catholics! Don’t be with Baptists!! Don’t be with Mormons!! Don’t be with Buddhists! Shun those who don’t believe as you do!! Come on!! The apostle doesn’t say ‘be not yoked with those who believe differently.’ He says ‘be not yoked with those who do not believe.’

I have been accused of not being Christian more times than I can count simply because I don’t believe in the same manner as the accuser. If destroying friendships, or writing off family members is what it takes to be a Christian these days, then I am happy not being a member of that club. I believe in Christ and I believe in the two great commandments in the law; love the Lord and love thy neighbor. For me, for right now, that will do.


  1. you finally blogged it out!?!?! lovely :)

  2. Put better than I ever could.
    I think I just said bugger off and read your book.

    :) Remember what matters in life and ignore the rest!

  3. Sorry, you're still a Christian, just not of a brand version. Where I'm coming from is that old idea of the "Knight Errant." Believing in the ideals of chivalry and practicing them, just not belonging to any Order. I'd say your more a practicing Christian then many of those who profess such. "Don't tell me how great you are, show me how great you are."