Monday, March 1, 2010

Everyone deserves a second chance.......

Quite some time ago, I made a valiant attempt to get into Warmachine. I say attempt because in the end, it was unsuccessful. I simply was unable to get past the Real Life Factor and make a go of the game.

It wasn't for lack of trying, however. I still have all of my Protectorate models and believe me when I say I had a bunch. Some even managed to get assembled and a lucky few even got some paint on them. Unfortunately, it was all for naught. Too many things got in the way and in the end, those models went into a box to gather dust.

I am happy to say that the Real Life Factor is now less of a factor. Obviously, day to day dealings will never go away completely but I am fortunate enough to have been able to get past a couple of things that were holding me back. That being the case, I have once again heard the siren song of Warmachine. Stangely enough, though not unexpected, that song actually sounds like hissing steam and screeching metal.

Anyway, with the advent of Prime MkII, I have taken the plunge again but this time, I am starting fresh. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the crazy, fiery fanatics of the Protectorate but I now know that my true calling lay in the frozen north, amongst the people of the Khadoran Empire.

You see, I want to crush things. I want hit my opponents hard. I want the last thing they see to be the burning eye sockets of my 12 ton engine of destruction right before said engine stomps them into paste. I have bought into the concept of "axe to face" wholeheartedly.

Behold the beginnings of that effort.....

On the left we see Jackson the Destroyer and on the right his partner in crime, Pollock, the Juggernaut.

And of course, everyones favorite ice princess, Kommander Sorscha.

These pictures are a few days old. Base coating is well underway on all three models. In addition, I am picking up a unit of Widowmakers this Wednesday in order to complete my fist MkII 15 point list. With a little luck, these models will see the table top this Thursday.


  1. Great stuff - glad to see you back into things again. Mark 2 is great very nice changes to the rules have made the game much easier to play while still retaining its core structure

  2. Like you, I was very tempted when Warmachine came out - the very cheap started boxes were a great bargain. But I have never felt the urge to get in to the game and even though I like the models and still have some, I would not expect to take up the game.

    At the Games Expo, Birmingham earlier this month, the Warmachine/Privateer Press stand was one of the largest, with at least three gaming/exhibition tables. Even then I was not tempted.

    We will have to see if I am ever tempted, but I do love reading No Quarter, so maybe!!!!!