Friday, September 17, 2010

Painting Flames of War

I'm not much of a painter but I thought I might share some of my efforts at getting a MW grenadierkompanie put together.

Grenadier Platoon

3rd Squad

Light Mortar

1st Squad

Platoon commander

Tiger 1E

Tiger 1E

I'm currently working on a Pionier platoon. After that, a light infantry gun platoon and a mortar platoon.


  1. Looks good! I like the basing. Looks like Northern Tunisia or Sicily?

  2. Looking good.
    Maybe paint the edge of the base with a color close to the basing material.

  3. Good call on painting the bases.

    I actually completed that task two nights ago but I had already taken these pictures.

    It is strange how actually painting the bases enhances the overall look of the models!

  4. THey look good you got the epaluttes done too which is great to see