Monday, October 11, 2010

A Looted Panzer by any other name.........

.........Is still a looted panzer.

I recently finished painting this Soviet KV-1e to use as a looted panzer platoon with my Ostfront grenadierkompanie. I followed the painting guide in Ostfront and while I think it turned out fine (a.k.a. average for me) I just can't seem to figure out how to paint tanks. My previous effort was a Tiger 1E which also turned out alright but I don't love it. My current project is a Panzer III Ausf. H and again, I fear it will turn out just average.

I honestly feel like I can see improvement with each new infantry unit that I work on. I learn from each platoon and I try to do it better with the next one and it really seems to be paying off, at least in my opinion. It also seems like the small gambles I take pay off on the infantry but not necessarily on the armor. If I had to guess, I suspect it may be because of the larger surface area I'm playing with on the tanks. More ground to cover means more opportunities to see your mistakes. On the tiny infantrymen, mistakes can be covered or "fixed" much more easily.

Anyway, I still love this whole painting thing. As soon as I finish the pioneers and the Panzer III, I'll be moving onto my 7.5cm lelG18 infantry gun platoon. Hey, those grenadiers need artillery support, right? :)


  1. Great blog !! Compliments

    Best regards Carlo Antonio

  2. Very nice KVI and infantry from previous posts. Have you looked at the Blitzkrieg Commander rules for you 15mm.