Monday, September 26, 2011

What is my problem??

I really have the itch to paint again. My problem is that I have so far been unable to transform that itch into reality.

My half finished Warmachine models have been calling my name for about 4 weeks now but they still remain half finished. What is lacking? I think it may be accountability. I am accountable to no one when it comes to my painting.

Assuming anyone still reads (or even looks at) my blog, would it be possible, in some form or fashion, to make myself accountable to the blogging community??



  1. Make yourself accountable to the project...think how pleased you will be to have it finished, out of the way so to speak and get onto the next one...and then you can show it here :-D
    You´re on my blog roll mate..when you pop up there i read ;-D

  2. You're now accountable to us. Get busy!!!

  3. It's a slump we all go through at one stage or at many stages in our painting hobbies, sometimes we need something small and new. Apologies you weren't on my blog roll but you are now so post and we'll be back.

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