Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inspiration: So Damn Hard to Find

I would like to write. I don’t mean letters, or postcards, or copy for a newspaper. I mean that I would like to write something else. The problem I face right now is that I have no idea what I want to write and I have no idea where to start. I just now I want to write.

See, I have all these ideas floating around in my cranium. In fact, I would say that I have a plethora of ideas. A veritable cornucopia of ideas but damn it, I can’t seem to squeeze any of those ideas out of the obscure and squishy confines of my brain and onto paper. Or Microsoft Word as the case may be.

My ideas are diverse in their nature. Perhaps a book of poetry? Haiku to be exact. You may ask yourself, ‘Self? What is so neat about a book full of haiku poems?’ The answer is probably nothing. Unless those haiku are about such controversial subjects as breast enhancement, NASCAR racing, or the New Kids on the Block. See? That is pure, unadulterated brilliance. Come forth and drink from my well of stupendous vision.

As I stated in a previous blog, I might write a book for children. Assuming Privateer Press is willing to work with me, that book would be set in the magikal, mechanikal (misspelled on purpose) world of the Iron Kingdoms. A world where ten ton steel and iron constructs do battle and the fate of all life hangs in the balance. Someone told me that children’s books should be educational so what would my book teach kids? It would be teach them about courage, tenacity, and that burning heretics is OK. It would teach them that mercy is for sissies and that only the strong survive.

I might write a How-to book. Perhaps something along the lines of ‘How to Suck at Just About Everything and Still be Content.’ This book would NOT be based on my own life experiences. It would be based on my observations of others. I suck at very little and so would not be a good inspiration.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that I want to do something. I want to write. Not necessarily for another person’s enjoyment but mostly for my own satisfaction. I just can’t seem to figure out where to begin. I have no formal training. I’ve never really written before. I mean, I’ve written a lot but never with the intent to publish. Can I have writers block while preparing to write a book or would that be known as ‘wannabes’ block?


  1. It's not going to work unless you can get passionate and wrapped up in the story. So, the only thing that makes sense for you is a story about a Magikal, Mechanikal place where life's challenges, goals, dreams, dissagreements and even wars are ultimately wrapped up in, or even solved with, what else.......hocky matches. Now what else could you get more passionate about?

  2. You just need to get the ideas on paper. No matter how crazy they might sound, just write them down. Because at some point, they might develop into a great storyline. Keep a notebook by your bed; dreams are a great avenue for story ideas.

    All of my Creative writing professor's from college will tell you that no idea is a bad idea. Someone somewhere will be interested in what you have to write. But in order to be believable - you need to write what you know. Be honest in your writing.

    But that's my two cents. Take it for what's worth. But I do have a degree in Literature and Creative Writing for what its worth. =)